First Case of Chromobacterium violaceum as Urinary Tract Infection Agent in Angola

Abstract Background: Chromobacterium violaceum is a Gram-negative, a facultative anaerobe bacteria producing violacein pigment. C. violaceum is generally present as the normal flora of water and soil. The Urine Tract Infection (UTI) due to C. violaceum is very rare. Until now there was no report from Africa about UTIs caused by C. violaceum. The antimicrobial […]

26 Março, 2019

Multi-Drug Resistance Pattern of Lactose Non-Fermenting Escherichia coli as Causative Agent of Urine Tract Infections in Luanda, Angola

Abstract This prospective study was carried out to assess the sensitivity and resistance pattern of lactose non-fermenting Escherichia coli from July 2018 to December 2018 in the Laboratory of Microbiology at Luanda Medical Center, Angola. Out of 1170 patient, a total of 120 urine specimens infected with Escher ichia coli (>105 CFU/ml) were collected according […]

20 Fevereiro, 2019