Dr. Ziv Maianski







Transplante de rim


Tel Aviv University, Israel – M.D , Urology

Locais onde trabalhou:

Saint Vincent Hospital, Sydney, Australia – Oncology
Queen Elizabeth II Medical Center, Halifax, Canada – Kidney Transplant,
Member of the American Society of Transplant Surgeon (ASTS)
Member of American Society of Transplantation (AST)

Publicações científicas:

1. Dorothy Wang, Ziv Maianski, Laura L Sills, Ian Alwayn:
Active video gaming in renal transplant patients.
Transplantation Research – Transplant Res. 2014; 3: 15.

2. Maianski Ziv, Zini Armand:
Chapter 58: Microsurgical Varicocelectomy.
In: Sam D. Graham,Jr.,Thomas E. Keane.
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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010: 397-401.

3. Charles Chabert, Ziv Maianski, Phillip Stricker:
Saw palmeto and lower urinary tract symptoms in men.
Medicine Today 2007; 8 (7).

4. Galili Y, Kluger Y, Maianski Z et al:
Methylen Blue – a promising treatment modality in sepsis induced by bowel perforation.
European Surgical Research. 1997; 29; 390-395.

5. Soffer D, Pamoukian N, Maianski Z et al:
Traumatic transaction of the Intrapancreatic common bile
Injury 1996; 27(7); 672-674.


1. Maianski Z, Kluger Y: The Surgical Approaches to Retroperitoneal Hematoma.
1996 The Israel Society for Trauma, annual meeting.

2. Maianski Z, Leibovitch I, Ramon J: Comparison between Simple Nephrectomy and Radical Nephrectomy for Renal Cell Carcinoma.
1998 European Association of Urology, annual meeting, Sweden.

3. Shefi S, Weissenberg R, Maianski Z, Madgar I: Diagnostic Testicular biopsy during azoospermia workup- is it justified?
1999 Israeli Urological Association, annual meeting.

4. Maianski Z, Hanani J, Ramon J: MUSE for Flaccid Glance Syndrome.
1999 International Conference for Erectile Dysfunction, South Africa.

5. Ramon J, Mor Y, Golomb J, Maianski Z, Leibovitch I: Trans urethral Macroplastique injection as treatment for urinary incontinence after prostate surgery.
1999 Israeli Urological Association, annual meeting.

6. Maianski Z, Mor Y, Ramon J: Characterization of T cells Lymphocytes (γδ) within the Mucosa of Reconstructed Urinary Bladder.
2000 Israeli Urological Association, annual meeting.

7. Maianski Z, Winkler H, Ramon J: The Safety and Efficacy of Endopyelotomy with Holmium Laser.
2001 Israeli Urological Association ,annual meeting.

8. Maianski Z, Dotan Z, Ramon J, Winkler H: Are patients with indwelling ureteral stents at a higher clinical risk while undergoing ureteroscopy? A prospective comparative clinical trial.
2002 AUA, annual meeting, California.

9. Stricker P, Maianski Z, Chabert C: Is there a role for
HIFUS in prostate cancer?
7th National Prostate Cancer Symposium, Melbourne, Australia, 2006.

10. Maianski Z, Pedersen J, Barden J, Stricker P,: Evaluation
of a new monoclonal antibody targeting the apoptotic purinergic receptor P2X7, as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer. 2007 AUA, annual meeting, California.

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